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I get angry whenever I see people spend their valuable time on the internet on things that will not add value to their lives in any way. This is a common practice among the youths. Social websites like facebook, twitter etc are their favorite sites. Please, do not get me wrong. I am not saying that those sites are bad. Far from it. All I am saying is that, the sites should not be used for socializing alone, you can use it to generate income. I have written an ebook on how to use those sites profitably and I will give it to you free. Details on how to get the ebook will be revealed later.

I also pity young and inexperienced graduates that spend the little money they have searching for jobs on the internet. I am not angry with that category of people because they are using the internet for something good but the problem is that the jobs they are searching for do not exist.

If you are one those people, then this ebook is for you. There are many profitable things you can do on the internet. They are so many that I cannot exhaust them. I therefore wrote this ebook in order to do justice to just one among the numerous profitable activities you can do that will even generate income to you.

If you do not belong to that category of people, this may still be helpful to you. So why not read on.

I am happy to introduce to you a money making opportunity that can change your life. All you need is a little hard work. You will be able to make at least $30/day. You may say that is too small. Well this is not a get rich quick opportunity. But remember, I said at least $30/day. This means that you can make more than that. It all depends on your effort. But even if you make that in a day, I think it is better than spending hours on the internet without earning a penny.

To get started, you need to have an alertpay account. An alertpay account is just like your normal bank account and it is free to open. Why do you need an alertpay account? You will be paid through your alertpay account.


1. Go to www.bit.ly/H2uqWD (Type the address exactly the way it is written or simply click the alertpay banner)

2. Click on sign up free.

3. Select your country, personal Pro and click next step

4. Provide the required information and click next step.

5. Provide the required information and click final step.

6. An email will be sent to your email from alertpay. Open the email and click on “click here to validate your email address”.

Your alertpay have been created successfully. Your balance will be $0.00. You therefore need to fund the account. Yes you need to invest just $5. Please do not allow the investment to scare you away because you are going to make a fortune out of this. I have also written an ebook that will help you make a fortune out of this business and I am giving it to you free.


The next thing to be done after creating your alertpay account is to fund it. Basically, there are six (6) methods that you can use to fund your account. They include:

1. Credit Card

2. Bank Wire

3. Bank Transfer

4. Certified / Cashier’s Check

5. Money Order

6. Alertpay Prepaid Debit Card.

Note: Some methods are applicable to few countries only. I will therefore explain bank wire because it is applicable to all countries.

To fund your alertpay account using bank wire, take the following steps:

1. Log into your alertpay account.

2. Click on deposit.

3. Choose any funding option. In our case (bank wire), you choose wire.

4. Fill the amount you want to transfer (in our case $5.00) and fill the other details.

5. A new page will open, print the page, take it to any bank and tell them you want to do a wire transfer.

Note: you will be charged $20

Apart from the methods mentioned above, there is another way for you to fund your account. In fact, it is the cheapest and fastest but I must warn you, it is risky. This involves the transfer of fund from an existing account owner to you. It is risky because the transaction may be done without a face to face contact. To reduce the risk, I will advise you to search for organizations that buy and sell alertpay on the internet, go to their office and transact with them live.

Note: Most of them exchange N200 for $1

Alternatively, you may contact me on +2348181211950 to know if I have alertpay e-currency. If I confirm that I have, you will pay the naira equivalent of the amount into my account. My exchange rate is N190 to $1. My account particulars are:

Name: Igeh Roger Oliver

Account number: 3041896847

Bank: First Bank of Nigeria

After payment, text your name (depositors name), amount paid, alertpay email address to +2348181211950. The money will be transferred to your account in not more than three hours.


Now that you have a funded alertpay account, you are ready for business. This is how it works. I joined the site and I paid $5. By registering with the site, there is an agreement that they will pay me $5/individual that joins them through my link www.get5now.com/2836. This means that if I introduce ten people in a day, I will be paid $50. If I continue like this for seven days, I will be paid $350 and if I continue like this for thirty days, I will be paid $1500.

Also, there is an agreement that anybody that join through me will pay $5 for registration and will be paid $5/individual they introduce. This means that you can also make $1500 every month.

You may be asking yourself this question, does that mean that I have to meet people face to face to persuade them to register? The answer is yes and no. Yes, because you may choose to tell your friends and family members verbally to register through your link but that will not make you meet our target of $1500. No, because there are automated methods that you can use to meet people and persuade them to join you. These methods have been tried and found to be infallible. I have written an ebook on these infallible methods worth $10 but I am giving it to you free. With this book you will be able to get at least six hundred (600) people within three months.


1. Go to www.get5now.com/2836

2. Click join

3. Log into your alertpay account by providing the required information

4. Click log in

5. Click the small box labeled “use my alertpay balance ($5.00 USD)

6. Provide your pin and click confirm and proceed

7. Provide the required information and click submit form

After joining, you need to make your account ready to receive payment by reviewing your website.


1. Click on website review

2. Click on add website

3. Provide the required information

URL: www.get5now.com/xxxx

This business is: Registered

Category: Home based business

How your business works: It’s a MLM program

Affiliate program: Yes

If yes, necessary info: www.get5now.com

How is revenue generated: Service

Time of delivery 1

Method of delivery: Instant delivery

Supplier: Members

Method of advertisement: Online

Measures t o prevent fraud: We prevent spamming and other illegal


Terms of Service: www.get5now.com

What is your refund policy: No refund

URL with refund policy: www.get5now.com

Do you own & control the site: No

4. Click on send

You have to wait for some hours for your site to be reviewed. As soon as alertpay is done with the review, an email will be sent to you informing you of the success of the review.


You are free to withdraw your earnings at any time. You do not have to wait for days, weeks or even months. All you need to do is to locate an e-currency exchanger in your area. Go to their office and transact with them live.


You may be wondering what I stand to gain by giving you this information FREE. I will be honest with you. As I mentioned earlier, I will be paid $5 if you register through my referral link www.get5now.com/2836. But is that worth the pains of writing this ebook and distributing it free of charge? Of course not, this book can still be sold but I am giving it to you free.

I have written another ebook titled “REFERRAL MARKETING: HOW TO GET ATLEAST SIX HUNDRED (600) PEOPLE WITHIN THREE MONTHS”. I will also give you this ebook free because I want you to succeed in this business. This book is worth $10 but I am giving it to you free provided you register through my link. After registration, send me an email with the subject I JOINED GET5NOW THROUGH YOU stating your username. My email address is oliversnet@gmail.com. As soon as I confirm this, I will send the ebook to your email address. This is my promise.


I know I have done everything I need to do to make you use your time profitably on the internet. I have even taken the pains to write these books to help you succeed in this business. You don’t have any reason to make this opportunity pass you. I have done mine, it is left for you.

Am waiting for your email.

R.O. Igeh


08181211950, 07039066945